Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grilled Portobello Burger with Pesto Mayo

Super delicious! Easy to make, too. And quick! Once the grill is ready.

Grilled Portobello Burger with Pesto Mayo
from nestle usa

4 portobello caps, well washed
2 T. mayo
7 oz. thick pesto
4 slices provolone cheese
4 good quality (dense) hamburger rolls
roasted red pepper
bean sprouts (or alfalfa sprouts)
olive oil and salt and pepper for seasoning

1. Get coals going, using one full chimney of coals by lighting from the bottom. Once they're dusty gray, pour them evenly into a grill.
2. Get a pan to take out to the grill ready. Cut all hamburger rolls in half, if not already done so, and place spread-out and face-up on the grilling pan. Place the portobello mushrooms on the grilling pan as well, spread-out.
3. Put about 2 T. of oil into a small bowl, and brush the cut faces of the hamburger buns and the tops and bottoms of the portabello caps. Then sprinkle salt and pepper on the top and bottoms of the portobello caps.
4. Place the portobello mushrooms on the grill, cap down, in the center of the grill. When there are nice grill marks on the top, flip the portabello caps, and place the hambuger buns face down on the outside of the grill. Once the buns are just toasty, take everything off the grill.
5. Immediately after taking the portobello caps off, place a slice of provolone on top of each.
6. Combine the pesto and mayo in a bowl.
7. To put together the sandwich, spread pesto-mayo on the top and bottom of a bun. Then, layer portabello, roasted red pepper, and then sprouts.

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