Monday, April 18, 2011

Tempura Dipping Sauce

I had an awesome tempura fried foods party! For it, I made a surprisingly delicious and easy to make dipping sauce for the tempura. Being a non-mayo fan, I think it turned out quite well. For the veggies, we cooked up green pepper, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, and green beans.

We also used some other dipping sauces, which were perfect for this Japanese food event. Sweet ginger sesame chili sauce and general tso's sauce and glaze.

These are candy bars deep fried and covered in corn-dog batter. Delicious! We had a pack of different bit-sized chocolates, including snickers, milky ways, milky ways midnight, twics, and 3-musketeers. All delicious!

The Gang!

Tempura Dipping Sauce
from a Cozy Kitchen

1 cup mayonnaise
juice from half a lime
sriracha sauce

1. Combine mayo and lime juice, and stir in sriracha until desired hotness. Serve with tempura-coated foods.

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