Friday, April 15, 2011

Bulgarian Stuffed Peppers

I bought some yogurt, but Hy-vee ran out of the wholesale granola I like! So, it's been sitting in my fridge for a while. I decided to go out and find some awesome recipes to use it on, and this one looked easy and delicious: Bulgarian Stuffed Peppers (vegetarian) with yogurt sauce.

Bulgarian Stuffed Peppers
recipe from Craving Greens

2 peppers (as large as possible, try to get flat bottomed ones)
1 cup feta cheese
2 eggs
pepper to taste
1 cup yogurt (I used Brown Cow cream-top plain yogurt)
drizzle of olive oil
salt to taste
handful of parsley

1. Heat oven to 375 F. Oil oven dish with a lid that your peppers can fit under (alternatively, any oven pan with a tall sides that you can cover with foil)
2. Take out the stem of the pepper, making sure to keep it intact. Remove white innards and seeds as much as possible (a spoon and washing it out help with these tasks, respectively). Then place into the oiled dish so the stem-hole is on the top.
3. Mix together the feta, eggs, and black pepper, and divide evenly into the peppers. Make more feta-egg mixture if needed.
4. Place lid on dish, and bake for 1 hour with lid on, then for another 15-20 minutes without the lid.
5. While peppers are cooking, combine yogurt, olive oil, salt, and parsley to make your yogurt sauce.
6. When finished cooking, remove dish from oven, take a pepper, cut in half, and drizzle yogurt sauce over to taste.

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