Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pizza: zucchini, onion, apple, pesto, feta

Okay, this is THE LAST TIME I'll post anything even remotely pizza related for an entire month. That's right. But... for now.... Pizza! Mmm this was quite possibly the tastiest pizza I have yet to make. Quite seriously. Deliciousness.

So, one of my buds Connie (featured in the grilling pizza post), graciously donated a bag of local, hand picked apples! (shown in back of ingredients picture) So, during my Artificial Intelligence class... I had a vision, of a most delicious pizza! And it came to be realized for my late lunch today.

Pizza: zucchini, onion, apple, pesto, feta

1/8 white onion
1/3 cup zucchini
1 small apple
5 T Pesto
3 T feta cheese
pizza dough mix
1 cup pizza cheese (mix)
1 T butter

1. Preheat oven according to pizza instructions. Set frying pan to medium heat, and place butter in pan.
2. Peel and core, apple, and dice finely zucchini, onion, and apple. Place into frying pan, and saute for 10-15 mins, stirring and turning occasionally.
3. Mix pizza dough according to package directions.
4. Finely chop feta cheese (if not already crumbled)
5. After waiting the correct rise time for pizza dough, spread out onto greased pizza pan.
6. Then spread evenly pesto sauce, sprinkle evenly pizza cheese, layer on sauted mix, and sprinkle top with feta cheese.
7. Bake according to pizza dough package directions.

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  1. glad to hear that class time was used well.