Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs
from Food Network UK
makes 4 servings

4 large eggs
1 - 15 oz.can chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
1 - 15 oz.can red kidney beans
1 - 15 oz.can white beans (cannellini)
15 g. fresh cilantro
salt, pepper
125 g. flour (seasoned with additional salt and pepper)
1 egg, beaten
125 g. bread crumbs
1 tsp. ginger powder
1 tsp. chilli powder (or paprika)
oil for deep frying

1. Get a pot of water boiling, place in eggs, and boil for 6.5 minutes (do more if you prefer harder-boiled). Peel after done cooking.
2. Drain all beans and chick peas, and rinse well in cold water. In a bowl, mash them all together to get a coarse mix. Add ginger and chilli powder and salt and pepper to taste.
3. In a small pan, heat about 3 inches of oil until you can drop a bread crumb in, and it becomes golden brown.
4.  In a bowl, place the flour and season with salt and pepper. Put the beaten egg next to the flour in another bowl,  and the bread crumbs in 3 third bowl next to the egg, creating an assembly line.
5. Split the bean mixture into 4 equal parts. Using a 1 ft. by 1 ft. square (about) of cling wrap, flatten one portion of the mixture until a large oval so that it can completely encircle an egg. Take one of the peeled boiled eggs, put it in the middle of your bean-mixture oval, and pull the cling wrap over so the egg gets encircled by the mixture. Push it around with your fingers (outside of the cling wrap) to try and seal cracks)
6. Peel off the cling wrap, roll the egg around in the flour until it's completely covered, then the egg, then the bread crumbs. Pop into the oil, and cook until all sides are golden brown (turning once the bottom is golden brown, unless you used enough oil to completely cover the egg. Take out with a slotted spoon to drain the oil, and place on a plate with folded paper towel to take off some of the oil. Repeat with the remaining eggs.
Serving suggestion: Serve with sour cream or creme fraiche.

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