Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vegetable fajitas

This is a dinner I make whenever I have onions and bell peppers at the same time. It's so easy and delicious. I like my fajitas veggies to be super limp, so I cook them for a long time. If you like your veggies more firm (and less caramelized), simply adjust the cooking time. If you like yours spicy, or more flavorful, feel free to chili powder, jalapeƱos, or any of the other spices that come in fajitas powder mixes. I personally like to have plain veggies for fajitas, so I only add salt.

Vegetable Fajitas

1 zucchini
2 bell peppers (one green, one yellow)
3/4 white onion
2 T. olive oil
spices (optional)

1. Heat olive oil in a pan on medium heat.
2. Slice all veggies length-wise.
3. Once pan is up to heat, place vegetables in pan, sprinkle with salt (and optional spices), cover with lid, and let caramelize for 40 mins or so, stirring every 5-10 mins.
4. Remove from heat, and serve with fajitas tortillas and toppings

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